Advent Calendar 2017

Daily Advent Reflections Calendar

We hope you join with us as we reflect daily upon the advent or “coming toward the day” of Christ and the remembrance of His birth. Centuries ago, the importance of this event caused many to feel that it was inadequate merely to mark off only one day on the yearly calendar for celebrating this incredible gift from God. Believers had (and still do have) such a sense of awe and overwhelming gratitude and wonder at what happened that first Christmas that they felt the need for a period of preparation immediately beforehand the day we have set apart to remember His birth.

In the early 19th century the first Advent Calendar was created  – a visual way for all to meditate on and prepare themselves and their children for the tremendous significance of Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ.

We welcome you to join with us in celebrating this Advent Season. Each day features a Reflection, an Activity, #Advent Word to unite conversation and reflection online, and the Daily Reading.

Click on the Calendar Below to “open” each day. (Put your cursor in the center of each specific date’s box and click). If you would like – you can expand the calendar by hovering your cursor in the right hand corner and clicking on the “pop out”.

Posted: November 27, 2017 / Categories: Advent
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