Soup Suppers

For anyone who is new this year, our Soup Suppers are a very popular event with the parish. We begin the evening with a short (kid-friendly) prayer service in the church, which includes a brief presentation by a representative of the charity that we are sponsoring with the proceeds from the Suppers. Then we move to the Social Hall for a smorgasbord of delicious soups and hearty breads, provided by the families of the grades that are sponsoring the supper for that evening.

We ask that anyone attending the supper donate at least what their family would have spent for dinner that night. And feel free to go back for seconds….and thirds!

The lineup for which grades sponsor which evening are as follows:

Evenings of shared prayers, delicious soups and hearty bread begins at 5:45pm
Wednesday, February 21
Wednesday, February 28
Wednesday, March 7

Each year we sponsor a local charity.  This year, the Migrant Farmworkers Assistance Fund is the recipient for our Lenten giving.  All proceeds go to help support the work that they do.


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