School Staff


To access more information about our staff, please visit the links below:

Pastoral Staff

Fr. Mike Roach, Pastor

Fr. Timothy Armbruster C.PP.S.

School Administration

Principal – Jennifer Scanlon-Smith

Asst. Principal – Patti Williams

School Office

Ruth Weinzerl – Office Manager

Andrea Elliott – School Secretary (Tuesday & Thursday)

Nicole Rumsey – School Secretary (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)


Diane Keith – Counselor


Sherri Hennen – Cafe Manager

Cindy Hermanson – Cafe Chef

Lee Millhouse – Cafe

Liane So-Adrineda – Cafe

Health Room

Mary Kaye Hannah – Health Room Coordinator

Cari Usera – Workroom Aide

Maintenance & Custodial

Jim Sandt – Maintenance

Mike Middel – Maintenance

Dawn Grieb – Custodian Supervisor

Ashley Overstreet – Custodian

Sam Arnold – Custodian


Richard Kapetanovich – Athletic Director

Cindy Compton – Assistant Athletic Director


Tom Evans

Leanna Phannenstiel

Anna Jo Phannenstiel

Anna Koesterer