Sponsor This Month – Hale’s Heating and Cooling

We are so blessed to have Hale’s Heating and Cooling partner with St. James as our December 2016 Sponsor of the month.

Hale’s experts know that choosing a heating and air conditioning specialist is often done in the heat of the moment. Don’t let discomfort get in the way of making a smart decision. Before inviting an HVAC contractor into your home or business, take a few minutes to wipe the sweat from your brow and do a bit of research to ensure they’re qualified and trustworthy.  If you’re in that situation right now, here are some of the best reasons to trust Hale’s with your comfort and budget:

  • We have served the Northland and surrounding rural areas for over 40 years – that’s over 14,000 days of on-the-job experience and service.
  • Locally owned and operated – we know the area like the back of an HVAC unit.
  • NATE certified and factory-trained service technicians who know their stuff and your system.
  • Licensed and Insured – we are licensed in all of the municipalities we serve with impressive paperwork to prove it.

Visit their website at HalesHeatingandCooling.com

Phone: 816.792.3300 or 816.630.0200

Visit Hale’s Heating and Cooling on Facebook, click here


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