A weekly bulletin for the Parish can be found in the Narthex before and after Mass.  We also post them online for your reference.  The current and previous week’s bulletins can be found on the HOME page of St. James’ website in the Scrolling Newsfeed as well as below.

Current Bulletin

The last 10 bulletins are listed below, just click on the link to open the bulletin you would like to read.


Bulletins older than a month are typically archived on the following pages by year.  If you are having trouble finding a specific bulletin, please use the search button to find the specific date.

2020 Bulletins

2019 Bulletins

2018 Bulletins

2017 Bulletins

2016 Bulletins

2015 Bulletins

2014 Bulletins

2013 Bulletins

2012 Bulletins

2011 Bulletins


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