Pastor’s Note

Words from our Pastors to encourage and bless our community. Fr.Mike shares his thoughts on Trinity  Sunday and current and upcoming activities at St. James …

As we gather on this Memorial Day weekend, we remember our beloved dead who have gone before us. As we begin this ‘unofficial’ beginning of summer, we pray for the safety of all who travel over this holiday weekend, as well as throughout the summer.

Also, we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Trinity – we believe in a God who is revealed in 3 Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This relationship is a promise of God’s everlasting Love – may we model that love in all our own relationships in life!

I hope you have had a chance to see the historical display in the Narthex – a marvelous display of our history from 1837 to the present. We all have the opportunity to ‘make our mark’ by filling out one of the slips of paper that marks the decade on the timeline we came to St. James! With the construction of our new church, this helps us to see that our parish is always ‘under construction’ as we welcome new families and continue to spread the message of God’s Love. A special thanks to our Fulfillment Committee and all who have worked so hard helping make this timeline happen!

Don’t forget “St. James is going to the K’ on June 15. Tickets are available in the Parish Office – maybe we’ll even bring home a ‘win’! It’s great fun to join other members of our parish family as we enjoy a nite at the ballgame. All are invited to come and join us.

An update on Danny Baker – he continues to improve and gain his strength but it’s a long process of his ‘whole body’ accepting the new liver. He’s getting stronger, but he still needs our prayers. He is very appreciative of all the thoughts, prayers, and all those cards!! They really bolster his spirit and help him to know how much we miss him! Hopefully he’ll be back with us soon! A special thanks to all who have been such faithful stewards in the Liturgy and Music areas to go ‘above and beyond’ in sharing your gifts, while Danny is away. We are so very blessed here at St. James!!

Fr. Mike

Posted: December 12, 2016 / Categories: News Promo List, Pastor's Note
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