2016 – 2018 Capital Campaign

In 2016 we launched a three-year Capital Campaign to fund construction of a new church.

It’s not too late to make a pledge. We invite all, parishioners and visitors alike, to participate in making history for St. James. As of August 31, 2017, we have  $4,695,074 in the Bank and $7,979,522 in Pledges.

We created a “Boat” wall in the Narthex that displays pictures of all who have contributed and/or pledged to this campaign. We’d love to see your picture on this wall. Fill out a pledge card, and then email your picture to gro.y1566124233trebi1566124233l-sem1566124233ajts@1566124233nitel1566124233lub1566124233. Or, if your picture is in the 2016 Pictorial Directory, send an email letting us know that you’d like your picture on the wall and we’ll take it from there. The “Boat Wall” will be in the Narthex until November 1.

We Invite You To Get on the Boat
Don’t get left behind, pledge cards for this campaign are available in the Narthex.

Why Do We Need A New Church?
As you sat (or maybe had to stand) during one of our Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Masses, the need for a new church is probably obvious – there is not enough room “in the inn”, so to speak, to accommodate all who wish to worship at St. James.

Our present church was built in 1981. At that time it was believed that it would meet the needs of Catholic residents in Liberty and the surrounding areas for many years into the future. No one imagined the exponential growth that would take place over the next 35 years and beyond. The fact is that we have outgrown the capacity of our current church for the 2,000 families registered at St. James. Our church is limited to seating approximately 500 people while another 50 can attend Mass from the Narthex.

Building a new church is critical in order for us to continue to grow and provide numerous opportunities for our parish community. As a Christ-centered parish it is our obligation to prepare for the future and embrace our responsibility. How else will we serve in ministries, services, evangelization, and educating the community about our Catholic faith? We must have vision, willingness to become involved, and daily prayer for our continued success.

However, building a new worship space is only a part of a bigger picture. Our ultimate goal is not just building a church to attract and accommodate all who want to be a part of our vibrant community, but also will serve and meet all needs of our parish and Catholic community now and far into the future.

So, as you can see, the “Grounded in Faith ~ Growing to Serve ~ Embracing Our Future” Campaign is not just a building campaign – its success will create a legacy for our Catholic faith and our willingness to serve the Lord.


Capital Campaign Brochure


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