Sponsor This Month – Serenity on the Square

We are so blessed to have Serenity on the Square partner with St. James. Serenity on the Square is our February 2017 Sponsor of the Month. This business is locally owned and operated by Patti Stark, a St. James Parishioner! To find out more about their business, visit their website at serenityonthesquareliberty.com

Everyone needs a little serenity and peace in this busy world, especially during the holiday season. Serenity on the Square is dedicated to personally meeting each unique need of their clientele. Whether it is through massage, acupuncture, reflexology, holistic nutritional coaching, or the various other services they provide. Their mission is to awaken your inner power and tap into your physical, mental and spiritual strength, bringing to you a level of health and wellness you never imagined possible!

Are you ready to book your appointment? You can schedule your appointments online or by calling them at 816-792-5454.

Hope Gift Cards – Serenity on the Square also partners with St. James for our Hope Gift Card ministry. Everytime you purchase your gift card through St. James, we earn money for our ministries. To find out more check out all the details on our Hope Gift Card Page.

14 E Franklin St
Liberty, Missouri
Call: (816) 792-5454

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