Diocese Vision Results

After collaborating for the past six months, Bishop Johnston and the Visioning Team crafted a plan for the Diocese’s immediate future. The information gathered from the faithful through the 10 Listening Sessions, online submissions and listening sessions with clergy was studied in great depth. Your input was vital in shaping plans for our future as a Diocese through concrete hopes, dreams and goals for our Church.

Following much study, consideration, and prayer Bishop Johnston and the Visioning Team has discerned that God is calling us to be…

One Family: Restored in Christ – Equipped for Mission

Our Vision is being One Family: unity is also what God wants for us: to know we are His Family and to know that Jesus is the person that holds us together.

Our Vision is being Restored in Christ: the longing for healing is also what God desires for us and why he sent his Son, Jesus.  Healing was at the heart of Jesus’ ministry.  Just like in Jesus’ time, today healing is both personal and cultural.  As individuals and parishes, locally as a diocese and universally as one Catholic Church, there is a profound need for healing and the freedom it brings.

Our Vision is being Equipped for Mission: there is a desire to understand and pursue our baptismal call as disciples, capable of bringing others to Jesus’ Sacred Heart, the place of true unity and healing.  In fact, this is the very mission Jesus gave to each one of us baptized in His name.

Our Mutually Shared Vision comes from you and is solidly grounded in our faith.

We discerned 3 Priorities (areas of focus) and within each priority are exciting and ambitious goals to pursue that will make measurable progress toward the vision.

To read the priorities:
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To view Bishop Johnston’s video click here

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