That Man Is You!

The fall season being presented by The St. James That Man Is You! ministry is The Fight of Faith.

The Fight of Faith equips and enables men to engage in the cosmic, spiritual battle raging in our day. Authentic masculine identities will emerge to inspire heroic lives of service to a calling greater than ourselves.

The That Man Is You! program has been amazingly successful at giving the men of St. James the desire and the spiritual/intellectual insights into the faith.  .

That Man Is You! meets weekly every Saturday in the Social Hall.  The group gathers at 6:00am for the Rosary, breakfast is at 6:15, video presentation at 6:45, followed by small group discussions until 7:45.

All men of the parish are invited and encouraged to attend.

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  • Bart Albers says:

    Wonderful first meeting. Lots of guys to form a bond with on the faith that is uniquely ours. Thanks to all, and to the Holy Spirit for inviting me. I am glad I finally answered the call 🙂

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