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Q. I was wondering why the design of the outside of the church changed? Our church directory, cookbook, and even our new sign all had the original church design on them. It was quite a shock when that changed.
 This has been mentioned by several people and we thank you for asking the question so that we can give you a complete answer.

The image that was used for the directory, cookbook and other signage was an artist’s interpretation of what a new church may look like.  Remember this image was first shown in August 2012 as part of the “Master Plan”.  It was created by an artist under the direction SFS – our architectural firm.  It was used as a rendering in our first campaign.

Early in the planning stages we conducted a parish wide survey which yielded a number features for the new church which were of high importance to most of the parishioners.  We contracted with SFS and emphasized that we want as many of these of features as possible.  As time went by and given the budget and the physical topography of our location we needed to make some tough decisions.

Here is an example:  When we met with the architects we realized that the two towers that were depicted on the original drawing had no practical function.   They would have been more form than function; in essence, a decorative façade.  The cost of building these two towers was much more than one might imagine.  Ever striving to be good stewards of our parishioner’s money we decided not to include the two towers in the final plan.

It was never our intent to suggest that the new church would look exactly like the artist’s 2012 conception first published.  We apologize if the end product does not look exactly like the original drawing.  Going forward we will be using the architectural plans that have been crafted and will therefore be true to the final structure.

Posted: March 19, 2018 / Categories: FAQs
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