Old Church

Q: What will happen to the “old church”, parish offices and social hall?
While it is very exciting to think about the possibilities of re-using our existing facilities, we cannot do everything at once. Our building project will be done in phases. The current plan (phase one) does not allocate any funds for remodeling the existing sanctuary. We will get the new church built then move to making final plans for our existing spaces. We may need to revisit our ‘Master Plan’ and gather input from all of our parishioners before we start that phase.

We hope to be able to finish off the lower level of our new building in phase one but that is not a firm plan at this time. It would save money to get the parish hall and offices done at the same time as the other construction. If we cannot make that happen then the current offices and social hall will remain as they are currently configured until phase two.


Posted: March 19, 2018 / Categories: Uncategorized
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