Handicap Access

Q. Is the front entrance handicap accessible?
The front of church will have a gracefully sloping walkway from the drop off area up to the doors to the narthex. There will be a total of twenty-two ADA designated parking spaces distributed throughout the parking area.

Q. Is there space in the church for wheelchairs and handicap?
Several pews will have an end space designated for wheel chair placement.

Q. Early on I was told there would be ramp access to the podium. Now it looks like there are steps. This is a handicap issue.
We are firmly committed to the idea that all parishioners should be able to fully participate in our liturgies. This includes making the altar accessible for all liturgical ministers. There will be a ramp from the seating area up to the altar which will meet ADA requirements. Additionally, the ambo will also meet ADA requirements. It will be able to adjust to the width of a wheel chair. The height of the ambo can be lowered to accommodate a seated person.

The current drawing being shown does not reflect this accurately, but our intent is that any future drawings will do so. Please bear with us as regarding our interior drawing. It bears repeating, the drawings cost money, and we are waiting to get most of the interior elements in place before we commission another drawing.



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