2016 Sacrament of Confirmation Details

April 11th, 2016

Dates to Remember

March 12, 13, 19,20- Interviews
March 24th- Holy Thursday Retreat Option 
Mass at 7:00 pm, Sacred Prayer Spaces and Altar of Repose until Midnight.
April 10th- Sponsor Retreat/Practice 2:00 pm-4:00 pm . All Candidates and Sponsors (or a stand-in) must be present!
April 11th- Sacrament of Confirmation 5:30 pm all Candidates and Sponsors need to be in the social hall by 5:30 pm to meet with Bishop Johnston.


Prior to receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, each candidate must attend an interview with the Director of Youth Ministries. Interviews will be held in the Youth Ministry Office, March 12-13 & March 19-20.  To sign up for a time
To sign up for a time CLICK HERE    Use access code  “stjames

Bring to interview the following items:

  • Summary Sheet of service and retreats ←clickable link
  • A copy of Baptismal Certificate including the address of the church of baptism. (unless baptized at St. James)
  • Sponsors name (Make sure you have correct spelling)
  • Sponsor Certificate ←clickable link
  • Saint Name-this should already be entered when you signed up for interview
  • Letter addressed to the parish. See webpage for more details on letters.

When arriving for the interview, each candidate will be asked to fill out a card to go to their church of baptism with the following information. Please be prepared by having this information on hand.

confirmation cards_16



Retreat Option

The retreat originally scheduled for March 13th had to be canceled due to the St. Josephs Table this weekend. The other options for retreat are as follows.

  1. March 24th Attend Holy Thursday Mass at 7 pm and either stay for at least an hour to experience the Sacred Spaces Prayer Stations and Altar of Repose or return for at least an hour. 9pm-10pm, 10pm-11pm, or 11pm-midnight.
  2. Attend all of Triduum Mass as a family to experience Easter in full- March 24th, 25th, and 26th. All services begin at 7 pm.
Triduum 2016

Triduum One Mass-3 Days


Sponsor Retreat/Practice 

All Candidates and Sponsors are required to attend the Practice and Retreat, April 10th at 2:00 pm. If the sponsor can not make it to Retreat someone needs to come in their place. The same applies to a sponsor who can not make it to the Sacrament of Confirmation April 11th. We should be done by 4:00 pm.

Sacrament of Confirmation April 11th, 2016

On the night of Confirmation, Bishop Johnston has requested all Candidates and Sponsors be in attendance at 5:30 pm to meet with him for a special discussion of Confirmation. While it may require a little adjusting of the schedule getting from school day to getting fed and dressed before the sacrament, we are blessed to have this opportunity to meet with him.

The Dress code for Confirmation is “Sunday best.”
Men must wear a dress shirt and a tie, dress shoes, and slacks. (No khakis.)
Women either a dress or slacks, however, shoulders should be covered. A wrap or shrug is fine over a strap style dress or top. Open-backed shoes are not recommended as they have a tendency to “flop” loudly when you are nervous, but this is up to your own discretion. And if you can not walk in heels, I suggest you do not wear heels. You will walk up and down the stairs at the altar.
*Please keep in mind, this year the candidates will kneel in front of the bishop to receive the sacrament. This might be an issue for some shoes or clothing. The sponsors will not kneel so they can assist the candidates in getting back up. We will go over this in more detail at the practice, however, it seemed like an important detail in the dress code discussion.

We will be joined by 27 Candidates from Good Shepherd in Smithville and 1 from St. Ann’s in Excelsior Springs. This means we are going to have a packed house along with our 69. There WILL be people sitting in the Narthex. I want to make you aware of this since some of the Smithville people will probably arrive at 5:30. If you would like to come and get a spot, please do NOT save full rows. Remember everyone is here to see someone. Be kind and generous when saving seats and remember you will be able to move around to “get the picture” when your family member is receiving the sacrament. Let’s make sure this is a stress-free event for EVERYONE!

A Reception will follow Mass. All family and friends are invited to attend.