Marriage Encounter Reactions

“Bob and I no longer celebrate our wedding anniversary once a year. Since Marriage Encounter we celebrate our marriage… every day!”

” Mary and I have been married for 25 year, and we thought we knew everything about each other. Thanks to Marriage Encounter we’re really getting to know one another better.”

” Rick and I love each other very much, but we felt as if the world was slowly pushing us apart. Daily problems of money, job, and children were steadily becoming more important than our relationship. Marriage Encounter has helped to put thins back into proper perspective for us. It’s great!”

” Al and I never realized what it meant to be a sacramental couple. We discovered on the weekend how important our marriage is to the Church.”

” Before Marriage Encounter, all Jim and I ever talked about were the kids, his job, the house or money. Now we talk about us.”

” When some friends suggested that Sheila and I make a Marriage Encounter we were shocked and more than a little hurt. We were very happily married and, frankly, it surprised us that they thought we needed “marriage counseling.” When we finally told them how we felt, they laughed and said that they had suggested the Encounter because we were a happily married couple. Now, I’m glad they did. We got an awful lot out of it precisely because we brought a lot to it.”

” It was Becky’s idea to go on the weekend. I went along strictly to avoid an argument. I’m sure glad we went. We really got a lot out of it.”

“Tony and I have been married for five years. During that time I’ve gotten ahead in my job and settled down nicely into my marriage. Marriage Encounter showed me how I can get ahead in my marriage too.”