Military Outreach Ministry

This ministry provides an opportunity for family members of an Active Duty military person, Guard person, Reserve, etc. or a military person to provide  to military persons and family members in the parish and community love, support, guidance, healing resources and just a place to share your story.

St. James Parish-Active duty Military, Veterans, and Families 

Prayer: Help us, dear God, to see your face in every veteran we encounter. Guide us as we imagine new ways to support veterans & their families. For more, click here for more information


Military coming home, families, recently deployed veterans, all veterans – New-Disability Compensation-Decision ready Claim, NEW initiative:
Click here for more information

MilitaryOneSource-Families- FREE materials. Click here for more information

How Can WE Help? Parish Support for Veterans. Click here for more information

Resources available – Contact Ann Marie Roberts. Parish Military-Veteran Outreach Ministry has some of the above resources on hand.

Father Vincent Capodanno Cause for Canonization. Click here for more information

Contact: Ann Marie Roberts  816-469-0271  moc.l1561433420iamg@1561433420779st1561433420rebor1561433420nna1561433420