Peruvian Sister Parish Committee


The Peruvian Sister Parish Committee – As one of our outreach goals for St. James Parish in the new millennium, we began a twinning relationship in 2003 with a South American congregation served by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, Our committee communicates regularly with their committee members, and we raise funds for them by selling various Peruvian fashion items and souvenirs.

We meet several times a year, and more frequently when there are trips being planned. We discuss topics relevant to our mission church and the role of the missionary in today’s world. Consult the weekly bulletin for meeting announcements.

Contact – John and Susan Stolwyk   816-781-2419    *protected email*  


In 1997, the National Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement on our international obligations as Catholics, challenging us to address the needs of people overseas. In their statement, they encouraged all Catholics to go beyond the parish’s boundaries to extend the Gospel, serve those in need, and work for global justice and peace. Their statement reminds us of our solidarity with Catholics of all nations. Because of the Bishops’ statement, many U.S. parishes have established relationships with third world parishes through a process called twinning. It is widely believed that this is a favorable alternative to governmental or institutional transfers of wealth or technology, because more relationships will develop between individuals, thus fostering greater understanding between the peoples of the world.

In 1998 under the leadership of pastor Fr. Ron Will, many members of St. James participated in Project 2010, which challenged us to identify what we needed to accomplish as a parish within the first decade of the new millenium. One of the goals of Project 2010 was to establish a parish mission in another nation. The Precious Blood order has numerous missions in Latin America, and through correspondence with the Precious Blood missions office in 2003, we identified a parish in the El Pinar district of Lima Peru known as Capilla de Preciosa Sangre, to become our twinning or mission parish.

The Peru Mission Committee believes that God has a wonderful plan for this new relationship between parishes, and we continue to work to discover what this will be. The growing El Pinar community has many social and spiritual challenges, as well as needs for physical facilities for worship and serving their parishioners. It has been asked: why does St. James pursue a mission in Peru, when there are so many other needs in our world, much closer to home? The Peru Mission Committee believes that St. James parish has been blessed in many ways, and has many resources to contribute to the many diverse needs of our fellow man. We see the Peru mission relationship as an opportunity for our parishioners to appreciate the worldwide aspect of Catholicism, to experience a very different part of the Body of Christ, and as an opportunity for us to go, see, and learn.

During our first trip to Lima in November 2003, we found the El Pinar parish committee to be very warm and welcoming. They shared with us how they worship and how their faith helps their lives. They honored us for making the trip and gave us Peruvian gifts. We came away from that experience knowing that their faith is very strong. Our committees agreed to continue to learn about each other.

We seek the support of the parish in a variety of areas. You can pray for this and all missions. You can get involved in our committee, as we learn about the life in El Pinar, and explore the needs and gifts of each community. You can provide financial support for the effort, which will be used to pay for construction of their church facilities and some travel expenses for upcoming mission trips. You may want to establish a penpal relationship with someone from their parish. You may desire to travel to Lima on future mission trips, or host a guest from Peru. At the very least, you might want to try our “fair trade” coffee, available at the St. James parish office.

It is our hope that the website will inform our parishioners about Capilla de Preciosa Sangre. Enjoy the links, text, and photos. We welcome ideas you may have that will enhance our relationship. Let us know if you would like to get involved.

– St. James Parish Mission Committee, January 2005

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