Since 2003, St. James parish has been very generous with our sister parish in Peru, in making donations on Mission Sunday (typically held in October), or in purchasing the fair trade coffee or Peruvian souvenirs at various occasions through the year. This has resulted in the following fund transfers to Missionaries of the Precious Blood in Ohio, for use at LaCapilla Preciosa Sangre in El Pinar.

November 2003 $500 for hosting expenses on our first visit
January 2005 $1000 donation and $500 for hosting expenses on our 2nd visit
January 2006 $2400 donation and $600 for hosting expenses on our 3rd visit
January 2007 $3000 donation and $600 for hosting expenses on our 4th visit
February 2007 $1000 donation

The funds have been used, along with funds collected by LaCapilla’s own fundraiser events, to greatly improve their church facility. Since 2003, we have noticed many improvements to their facility, which you can see as you view the photos from our trips on this website. They have built a concrete roof on the chapel, they have plastered and finished the wall surfaces, they have installed new, more secure doors, and built a segment of the much-needed perimeter wall around their property. They have goals of finishing the floor with ceramic tile, and of connecting their property with water and sewer service. As they make these improvements, their community and ministries are growing. They are taking more ownership and pride in their parish. We can be very proud of our assistance to them. Thanks for your help!