Parish Twinning

There are a variety of reasons why Catholic parishes should get involved in twinning relationships with parishes elsewhere in the world, and why St. James decided to do it in 1998. Many other parishes are currently involved in such relationships.

Click the link to read about the announcement of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on the twinning concept:

Click the link to read the November 2004 article about another Precious Blood parish with a mission in Peru:

Click the link to visit a website about parish twinning from “Parish without Borders”:

Click this link to visit the site of the US Catholic Mission Association; lots of good info on Catholic Mission activity:

Click this link to visit the site of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, United States Catholic Conference titled “Call to Global Solidarity; International Challenges for US Parishes”. It is a lengthy position paper on why we as catholics should establish relationships with the global church:

Click this link to read a paper discussing the theory and logistics of parish twinning. It also discusses the issue of charity vs solidarity, which is a fine line to walk as we realize that there is such great need in the world, and we have so much wealth by comparison: