Respect Life Ministry


The St. James respect life ministry seeks to promote and protect human life from conception to natural death. We strive to accomplish this through education, support & prayer in the parish & community. We support our local crisis pregnancy center through the annual Mother’s Day Diaper Drive & the Advent giving tree. Through participation in the Knights of Columbus Roses for Life campaign we communicate our beliefs to government officials. Our group joins with the Altar & Rosary Society yearly to provide speakers to address the parish on various pro-life issues. Bulletin inserts are used to inform & educate the parish on pro-life information & events. Our Project Rachel prayer warriors provide daily prayer for those suffering from post abortion effects. We welcome all who share a concern for the value of human life.

Contact – Connie Scassellati   816-868-8154   *protected email*   or   Karen McKee 816-820-7163 *protected email*


Through prayer, communication and education, to promote and protect the God-given dignity of human life from conception to natural death in keeping with the teachings of Christ as articulated by the Roman Catholic Church.


  • Promote participation in Knights of Columbus Rose For Life Campaign
  • Hold an Annual Diaper Drive to benefit Parishoners in need and the Crisis Pregnancy Center
  • Sponsor Pro-life Presentations, Videos, and Guest Speakers for the Parish
  • Promote Respect Life Month activities, such as reminder roses on the altar, bulletin quotes and hand-outs, and participation in local events such as the Life Chain
  • Annual Recognition of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and contribution to Mother’s Day ad in the Catholic Key


Put your faith and your respect for all human life into action by attending the Respect Life Ministry meetings usually held on the first Thursdays of the month, during August to May from 6:30 to 8:00 pm in the St. Therese Room in the School.   Come Join Us!

We also encourage all parishioners to pray for us in support of this ministry.

The Natural Choice is Life!


The single rose as the symbol of our ministry was adopted from the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocesan Respect Life Network. The single rose is used by the National Right to Life Campaign and is further found in other secular and religious publications representing the movement on behalf of the “cause of life”.

The single rose is a well recognized symbol of the Knights of Columbus Rose for Life Campaign, an annual January campaign to stamp out abortion.

Our Catholic heritage finds a deeply spiritual connection with the rose. “Mystical Rose” is prayed in the Litany of Mary. Our Lady of Gaudalupe, Intercessor of the Unborn, is associated with the beauty and scent of the rose. Mary used roses through Juan Diego to demonstrate proof of her apparition. The scent of a rose during prayer is said to be a sign of Mary’s presence.

The Respect Life Ministry, consistent with its mission statement, has since 1994, placed a single rose prominently near the altar through the months of October-Respect Life Month, and January-the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision and Knights of Columbus Rose for Life Campaign. Symbolism of this rose is referenced in the bulletin these months representing the cause of life. A new, fresh rose is maintained and gifted to the parish weekly by individuals, parish families, and ministries as also noted in the bulletin. Additionally, The Respect Life Ministry proposes that the symbolism of the rose presented during October and January is included in the Liturgy through sermon, petition, and prayer.

The Respect Life Ministry is pleased to offer the single rose used in this manner as the best symbol for the purpose of evangelium vitae.