St. James Catholic School welcomes families who wish to enroll their children in its education program.  The enrollment period for students currently attending St. James School and new students who are registered members of St. James Parish is held in February.  Registration will be announced in the parish bulletin, school newsletter and posted on our website several weeks in advance.  To request information from the school, or apply for a wait list online, click here.

When a class has a waiting list (class size, K-6, limit is twenty-four), students are admitted to St. James School based on the following priorities:

  • First – Children who have continuously attended St. James since the start of the current school year (family is tithing, active parishioners).
  • Second  St. James families who are tithing, active parishioners with siblings in the school for at least one full school year.
  • Third – St. James families who are tithing, active parishioners, without siblings in the school or with siblings who have not completed a full year at St. James (ordered by the greatest number of years as a registered and active parishioner).
  • Fourth – St. James families without a history of active involvement, willing to become tithing, active parishioners.
  • Fifth – Tithing, registered parishioners in other Catholic parishes, willing to pay full tuition if their parish does not share their tithe with St. James.
  • Sixth – Catholics from other parishes with no record of tithing, willing to pay full tuition.
  • Seventh – Non-Catholic families, willing to pay full tuition.

St. James School is not equipped at this time, to provide equal educational opportunities for all individuals. Children with certain learning disabilities, special needs or physical challenges may not be able to receive the additional teacher attention or have access to the needed resources as necessary to enable the student to attain their full potential. Parents should thoughtfully evaluate and discuss their child’s special needs with the principal prior to enrolling them in St. James School.