Sunday Nursery Service

We offer Sunday Nursery Services

  • Most Sundays during the 9:15 am and 11 am Masses
  • Located in the partitioned quadrant of the Social Hall
  • For children 5 years old and younger

Families are invited to check out our nursery and meet our volunteers on Sunday mornings! Our Sunday Nursery Service offers a fun, safe and age-appropriate church setting of play.  Your child will enjoy the opportunity for free-play with or parallel to other children, as well as play utilizing bible story books, bible coloring sheets, and child-sized Mass-related props.

Your child will be cared for by two adult volunteers who meet Diocesan requirements of adults working with children, as well as youth helpers.  Miss Jenna is our regular, weekly adult volunteer and offers a familiar, comforting presence for our young ones.  She, along with our rotating team of volunteers, will strive to keep your children safe and happy while you attend Mass, or volunteer during our Sunday morning Religious Education program.

Parents utilizing Sunday Nursery Services should sign their children in on the Sign In Sheet at the entrance of the room; parents (not siblings) will also need to sign their children out at the end of Mass.  A snack of either animal snack crackers or Goldfish crackers will be offered with parental approval.  Parents will be asked for a cell phone number, to be used for texting purposes should a child require parental care or comfort (phones should be kept on vibrate).  Families who use our services regularly will want to fill out a contact card which simplifies the weekly sign-in process, and provides those families with email updates should there be Sunday Nursery Service cancellations.

This is a ministry made possible by adult volunteers.  Consider volunteering your time, once a month, during one Mass, to help us keep this ministry active for young families!

Contact Lori Tajchman, Nursery Coordinator, for more information or to become a volunteer.

Lori Tajchman
Nursery Coordinator & Children’s Music Ministry
moc.l1547800214iamg@1547800214iroLs1547800214siMht1547800214iWgni1547800214S1547800214  781-4343  x222

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