Liturgy of the Word – Lectors

Our ministry provides Lectors for Liturgy of the Word for all Masses.

We do not meet on a regular basis but we do hold meetings as needed for instruction, refresher clinics, and orientation throughout the year.

We have been blessed with our ministry and currently have lectors scheduled for all Masses. If you are interested in becoming a Lector, all new Lectors are welcome to be called upon on a substitute basis.

We currently have about 60 Lectors within our ministry, of which 50 of those Lectors are active each month.

Good vocal skills and a good sense of presence are excellent qualities for Lectors to proclaim the Word. If you feel comfortable in a public setting you may be an excellent candidate to become a Lector. All parishioners are welcome to join us. The best time to sign up as a Lector would be during “Time and Talent” drives.

For more information you can contact us at the following information:
Dick or Mary Loy Brown
Phone: 816-781-1766
E-mail: moc.e1561433106m@nwo1561433106rblmc1561433106r1561433106

Guidelines for Lectors – Find Out More

Monthly Schedule – Find Out More